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Mimics Innovation Suite: 3D-Modellierung für Mediziner – Update: New Release

Die Materialise Software Mimics Innovation Suite, bietet ein komplettes Softwarepaket für medizinische 3D Anwendungen.

19.03.2013 – Um 3D-Modelle auf Basis von CT, microCT, CBCT oder MRI Scans erstellen und bearbeiten zu können, bietet Materialise das Softwarepaket Mimics Innovation Suite an. Damit lassen sich digitale anatomische Daten nicht nur Anzeigen und automatisch Verarbeiten, sondern auch Modelle für den 3D-Druck erzeugen.

Mimics Innovation Suite besteht aus den Produkten:

  • Mimics16: Software für “medical image segmentation” und die Erstellung von 3D-Modellen
  • 3-matic8: CAD Software für anatomische Daten.

Zusätzlich werden Services wie eine Weiterbildung für Anwender sowie die Erstellung von medizinischen 3D-Modellen angeboten.


Update: 02.04.2014 – Materialise präsentiert neue Versionen  Mimics17.0 and 3-matic9.0

Die neueste Version der Mimics Innovation Suite mit Mimics 17.0 und 3-macic 9.0 bringt einige Verbesserungen und neue Unterstützung für 3D Daten aus Ultraschall- und Röntgen geräte.

For nearly 25 years, Materialise has been leading the way in solutions for evidence-based R&D starting with medical image data. Now, with the addition of the X-ray Module*, it’s  possible to analyze the 3D position of bones and implants at each critical moment of a patient’s treatment, without the expense of multiple MRI scans and unnecessary exposure to high doses of radiation with additional CT scans. By combining 3D imaging modalities with X-ray images engineers can work in the 3D environment they prefer, while collaborating with clinicians in the modality they’re most accustomed to using. This powerful combination opens up numerous possibilities such as comparing 3D pre-operative plans with post-operative results to analyze and improve surgical procedures.

The new Pulmonary Module enables clinicians to derive more anatomical information from your lung CT scans. This flexible, fast and user-friendly solution facilitaties the accurate segmentation of the lower respiratory system for advanced research and analyses. Though segmenting the pulmonary system has always been possible in Mimics, the new module offers improved outcome parameters that enable the early detection of diseases and the innovation of options for localized therapies.

By adding new import modalities to the Mimics Innovation Suite like 3D Ultrasound*, Engineering on AnatomyTM acquires a much broader scope, allowing for fully dynamic cardiovascular analyses. As Ultrasound is readily available, safe for patients, administered in comfortable positions, less expensive compared to MRI or CT and now able to be imported into the Mimics Innovation Suite; its utility for R&D is higher than ever.

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