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The story of Vesconite Bearings goes right back to 1958. In 1968 founder and chemical engineer Alain Leger began researching the potential for polymer bearing materials in ultra-deep gold mines of South Africa – a notoriously harsh environment characterised by extreme dirt and wet. Sixty years on, Vesconite Bearings is a world-leading manufacturer of low-friction, low-wear polymer bearing materials for a wide range of industries. Selling to over 100 countries. These include the pump, agriculture, railways, mining, heavy-transport, hydro, renewable- energy, earthmoving, marine and construction industries.

Vesconite Bearings hat 3D-Polymergleitlager als Lagerware eingeführt

Benutzer von 3D-Druckern können jetzt Bronzebuchsen oder Linearkugellager durch Polymergleitlager von Vesconite Bearings ersetzen. Diese werden in Vesconite Hilube (einem reibungsarmen Polymer) oder in Superlube...

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