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September, 2018

19SepGanzen Tag20AMA Conference - Additive Manufacturing in AerospaceBremenhalle, Bremen Airport, Bremenhalle Flughafenallee, Terminal 3 Kategorie:Konferenz

Event Details


Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace (AMA) 2018 is a cutting-edge forum representing the newest developments if the field of additive manufacturing. Focusing on the aircraft industry the symposium is also intended to promote the exchange of experience between different industries (automotive, power, etc.) and practically oriented research institutes.


Special focus 2018 will be on challenges in serial production of metallic AM parts. The presentations will address the well-established manufacturing methods like powder-bed ones and emerging methods like direct metal deposition.


  • Modern Technological Trends and Challenges
  • Efficient Process Chain
  • Process-Post-Process-Interactions of All Process and Post-Process Steps
  • Part and Process Quality Assurance
  • Full Life Cycle Assessment of AM Parts and Components
  • AM Data Handling


September 19 (Mittwoch) - 20 (Donnerstag)



Bremen Airport, Bremenhalle Flughafenallee, Terminal 3