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Isaac Budmen 3D-Druck Reihe “Pine Cone”

Isaac Budmen ist ein Künstler und Designer, der u.a. das Buch “The Book on 3D Printing” geschrieben hat. Sein neustes Projekt heißt “Pine Cone” (Pinienzapfen).

Die Idee hinter dem Kunst Projekt ist die Schönheit der Natur in Alltagsgegenstände zu bringen. Die Sammlung umfasst drei Objekte.

Der “Desktop Conifer” ist inspiriert von einem Tannenzapfen: Emerging from my earliest studies of pinecones and their complex geometries, this piece draws on the growth patterns of natures amazing seed vehicles, reducing them and simplifying their form to create an unique piece on your desktop.


“Illusory Acorn”: Instead of shrinking ourselves, what if we imagined a world where the leaves on the trees were the size of blankets and the acorns the size of our hearts? Inspired by a vision of a world much larger than our own, the Illusory Acorn sits on its side leaving casual passersby to wonder what treasures it might hold. Just big enough to safely squirrel away precious items, this playful object prints in two parts. The acorn top and acorn bottom clasp together with a hidden bayonet connector. Let your imagination soar to the heights of the forest canopies with the Illusory Acorn.


“Sequoia Organizer”: The titans of trees, the mighty Sequoia Redwoods dwarf all other living species on the planet as even elder oaks and pines seem like infants in their their mighty shadow. The precious pods that dutifully carry the seeds of these giants forward are also in a weight class of their own, making everyday pine cones seem like pebbles. The Sequoia Organizer takes one of these astounding works of nature and brings it into your office to carry your important memos, notes and letters. Borrowing from the unique geometry of Sequoia Cones, this desktop item gives you several options for organizing, displaying, and keeping track of those crucial bits of paper for later reference, or even photos for display.


Die Objekte kann man sich alle über den französischen 3D-Modell-Marktplatz Cults kaufen.
(C) Pictures: Team Budmen

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