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3D-Drucker Hersteller Ultimaker unterstützt e-Nable

Die e-Nable Community und Ultimaker verbünden sich um bessere Prothesen für die Zukunft zu schaffen.

Der 3D-Drucker Produzent Ultimaker verbündet sich mit der e-Nable Community. Ultimaker stellt der Community für den Bau von Prototypen 3D-Drucker zur Verfügung und wird das Design der Hand-o-Matic Prothese auf YouMagine online stellen. Dies wird ohne CAD Kenntnisse leicht zu personalisieren sein. Ein paar Maße der Hand eingegeben und schon kann das Design heruntergeladen werden.

Mit dem Klick auf das Bild kommt man auf die Spenden Seite der Community:



Die komplette Pressemeldung:

The e-NABLE community is a global group of volunteers who have joined forces and have tasked themselves to make free prosthetic hands available for kids. It is a group of tinkerers, engineers, 3D print enthusiasts, occupational therapists, university professors, designers, parents, families, artists, students, teachers and people who just want to make a difference… Regular people who are creating hands for people in need and sharing their designs with the World for free. They innovate, re-design and provide prosthetic hands and fingers for children all over the world, with the use of 3D printing.


Ultimaker empowers this community by providing Ultimaker 3D printers so they can prototype their developments and give the entire community a head start. Ultimaker’s open source platform YouMagine is helping with the development of ‘hand-o-matic’, software to have prosthetics made without CAD-modeling skills. By just entering a few required values like the size of your wrist it automatically generates a customized fitting prosthetic hand. ”Hand-o-Matic’ will be made available through YouMagine.

“This is a prime example of what open source and 3D printing can offer to society. Both the enabling of free prosthetic hands through 3D printing and the rapid development that is possible by being open source. There is no other way that this can be achieved.” says Ultimaker’s CEO Siert Wijnia. “It is an excellent fit with our open source philosophy.’’

When Ultimaker’s Community Manager Sander van Geelen and e-NABLEs founder Jon Schull, research scientist at RIT’s Center for MAGIC, met in Barcelona they soon realized they had similar ideals and there was a mutual interest to partner up and boost the goals of e-NABLE. The next meet up will be in Johns Hopkins hospital where e-NABLE will further introduces the value of 3D printed prosthetics along with Ultimaker. To underline their partnership Ultimaker donated $10.000 worth of Ultimaker 2’s to e-NABLE.


3D printing can be life changing. Imagine what having a cool 3D printed prosthetic can do for an introvert or shy, disabled child. Not only will it enable him to use both hands, but it will also transform the kid into a hero with a cool 3D printed prosthetic.

YouMagine is sharing the files for the hand prosthetics and is hoping to extend the range of derivatives. Ultimaker is contributing to a wider support base for e-NABLE in Europe.

via Ultimaker

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