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3D Systems schließt Partnerschaft mit Level Up Village

Das 3D-Druck-Unternehmen 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) hat im Rahmen seiner Bildungsschiene MAKE.DIGITAL einer Partnerschaft mit Level Up Village (LUV) angekündigt.

Level Up Village ist eine Organisation die u.a. Schülern zwischen 8 und 12 Jahren Wissenschaft, Technologie, Ingenieurwesen & Mathematik (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math- STEM) näher bringen. Die Organisation arbeitet 2014 an 120 amerikanischen Schulen und hat Partner in 30 Ländern.

3D Systems and Level Up Village Unite Kids Across the Globe Through Digital Literacy and 3D Printing

ROCK HILL, South Carolina – May 19, 2014 – 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today its partnership with Level Up Village (LUV) to provide students aged 8 to 12 with STEM-based enrichment and after-school classes that empower them to be global, innovation ready, change makers. LUV offers a range of after-school as well as in-school classes that bring the global and local application of STEM to life. When students take a class in the United States, that class is given to a student living on $2 or less per day at a LUV partner school in places such as India, Haiti, Peru, Pakistan, Rwanda, Uganda, Mali and more. Level Up Village is 3DS’ newest partner in its recently announced MAKE.DIGITAL education initiative and online hub that catalyzes innovation and technology learning where educators can access 3D printing resources, curriculums, product bundles and trainings for the classroom.

The Global Inventors in Training package for schools includes a 3DS’ Cube® 3D printer, a cartridge, Cubify® Invent Software and Global Inventors in Training After-School Class for eight students, a comprehensive teacher training and ongoing curriculum to allow students to have a real learning exchange in the United States and globally. LUV provides economic incentives for teachers to receive training, and is expected to reach over 120 schools in the United States and 30 global partner schools in 2014.

In a small group setting of eight students, kids will learn how to harness the engineering design process to create innovative solutions to real life global issues. Students in the United States collaborate with global partner schools in developing countries where students live at or under $2 per day and include India, Haiti, Peru, Uganda, Pakistan, and Mali and more. Through video conferencing, each week students discuss the real life application of their learning, teach one another and gain a broader perspective of what it means to be an empathetic, effective global citizen.

“The only way we can prepare children for tomorrow is to teach them how to think in both global and local contexts, and enable them to innovate and adapt to changes. I think Level Up Village is doing a wonderful job at this and the program is helping us instill all these skills into our students, preparing them to be better future leaders,” said Abdullah Syed, a teacher in Pakistan at the Society for International Education.

“Working with young students and 3D printing is exciting. The students are exposed to new ways of thinking about objects. Many students are familiar with virtual games that simulate 3D environments in the planar environment of a screen. Now the students are able to create images that are visualized. We are able to demonstrate advanced calculus ideas of volume created with thin slices, but not tell the students that is what is being done,” said Dr. Kevin R. Merges, Director of the Innovation Center at Rutgers Preparatory School. “The ability to consider the work of students on the other side of the planet is extremely valuable as we build global awareness in students everywhere.”

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