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Mcor technologies: zwei neue Händler in Deutschland

Mcor technologies, Hersteller der Matrix 300 (+) und Iris Papier 3D-Drucker, zeichnet zwei neue Reseller in Deutschland.

Die beiden deutschen Unternehmen Formicum 3D-Service GmbH und 3D Picture.net vertreiben künftig das Produktportfolio des Herstellers Mcor in Deutschland. Die neuen Händler wurden im Zuge der EuroMold 2013 erstmals genannt.


Demand for 3D printers with distinct advantages in colour, affordability and sustainability drives Mcor’s expansion in Germany

Mcor Technologies, maker of the world’s most affordable, eco-friendly and full-colour paper-based 3D printers, today announced that two German technology companies have chosen to resell Mcor 3D printers in the country, Formicum 3D-Service GmbH and 3D Picture.net.
The announcement was made during the 20th EuroMold at the Frankfurt/Main Exhibition Center in Frankfurt, Germany, a leading event for product designers, mouldmakers, tooling professionals and application developers.
Formicum 3D-Service GmbH of Leipzig, an innovator in solutions that combine technology and nature, was drawn to the eco-friendliness of Mcor technology. Specifically, Mcor 3D printers use clean, green and recyclable build materials – ordinary A4 and letter paper and water-based adhesive – unlike companies that rely on toxins and emit airborne particles.
“Mcor’s sustainability advantages were a very important factor in our decision,” said Formicum CEO Gunther Bigl. “Combined with its brilliant colours and affordable printing of model after model, Mcor will be a distinctive solution for businesses, universities, architects and others in our country. We’re thrilled to bring Mcor to our customers.”
3D printers will complement 3D Picture.net’s wide range of innovative 3D technologies such as autostereoscopic displays, which let viewers enjoy 3D images and videos without special glasses. Founder Dieter Bielert developed the 3D HDTV MultiView camera, which for the first time made it possible to shoot live-action movies for autostereoscopic displays. The Hamburg-based company uses the camera to create professional 3D video for the displays, and distributes related technologies such as 3D scanners from Artec.
“We’ve established a worldwide presence in 3D technologies, but 3D printing is an element we’ve needed to meet all of our customers’ needs,” said Bielert. “We chose Mcor’s 3D printers because they’re uniquely colour-capable, affordable and eco-friendly. Businesses in Germany are eager to reap the benefits of such innovative technology.”
3D printing couldn’t be more suited to a country with such a vaunted engineering history, according to Dr. Conor McCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor. “Quickly and easily creating affordable prototypes is an essential part of the engineering process for which Germany is renowned,” he said. “We look forward to helping our resellers in this country, both new and existing, meet the needs of a enthusiastic community in manufacturing and beyond.”

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