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Fuel3D schließt einen Vertrag über $1.1Million für die Entwicklung eines „Medical Imaging System“

Die britische „Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare“ (SBRI Healthcare) beauftragt den 3D-Scanner Hersteller Fuel3D zur Erforschung des Potentials für den Einsatz von „low-cost commercial 3D Scanner“ für Anwendungen im Gesundheitsbereich.

Der Vertrag in der Höhe von £685,831 ($1.1 Million, rund 800.ooo €) sieht die Entwicklung eines 3D Medical Imaging System durch Fuel3D vor. Konkret soll das Unternehmen seine Eykona Scanner Technologie für eine Reihe von therapeutischen Anwendungen weiterentwickeln. Das „Eykona Wound Measurements“ System ist eine von Fuel 3D Technologies entwickelte Methode die bei der Vermessung von Wunden und somit bei der richtigen Behandlung hilft.

Fuel3D wins $1.1 million contract for development of medical imaging system

SBRI contract to explore potential of low-cost commercial 3D scanner in healthcare applications

Oxford, UK & Greenville, NC – April 9, 2014 – Fuel 3D Technologies Ltd., developer of 3D scanning solutions, today announced it has secured a £685,831 ($1.1 million) SBRI Healthcare development contract for the development of a 3D medical imaging system.

SBRI Healthcare is an NHS England initiative, which aims to promote UK economic growth while addressing unmet health needs and enhancing the take up of known best practice. Fuel 3D Technologies will use the contract to develop its Eykona scanner technology for a range of therapy applications and adoption in the NHS and international healthcare markets.

“Our core technology was originally developed with medical imaging applications in mind, so we are delighted to have secured this contract in order to ensure that, under Fuel3D, the Eykona scanning technology continues to play a role in the healthcare sector,” said Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel 3D Technologies. “This contract runs in parallel with our plans to deliver a consumer-grade 3D scanner, and we are looking forward to shipping the first units to our Kickstarter backers within the next few weeks.”

In 2013, Fuel 3D Technologies raised over $300,000 for the development of an affordable, high resolution handheld 3D scanner through its successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Earlier this year, the company announced a £1.6 million ($2.6 million) investment from syndicate of private investors, led by Chimera Partners.

About the Eykona Wound Measurement System
The Eykona Wound Measurement System is the original scanning platform developed by Fuel 3D Technologies. It generates 3D images of wounds to allow objective measurement for accurate wound assessment. Fast processing enables rapid display of interactive 3D images and helps support an evidence-based approach to wound care, wound characterisation and management. Available since 2012, the Eykona Wound Measurement System is now in use in over 25 NHS Trusts, as well as in universities and research projects in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. The aim of the SBRI contract is to develop the Eykona system into a general medical scanning device able to benefit more patients in more specialties.

About the Fuel3D scanner
Fuel3D is the affordable handheld 3D scanner that delivers high resolution shape and color capture for a range of 3D modeling applications, such as 3D printing, as well as on-screen applications like 3D art, animation and game development. The scanner’s ability to accurately capture color 3D models of the face is ideally suited to the rapidly growing trend of personalization. Fuel3D is the world’s first 3D scanner to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to capture and process a 3D model in seconds.

About Fuel 3D Technologies Ltd.
Born in Oxford University, the Fuel3D scanner is developed by an expert team of hardware and software engineers and scientists. Originally developed for the medical imaging sector, the Fuel3D technology is being adapted for the broader 3D market, with the goal of bringing the benefits of point-and-shoot 3D imaging to consumers and professionals alike. Based on technology developed by Professor Ron Daniel, Lecturer in Engineering Science at Oxford University, Fuel 3D Technologies is today led by Stuart Mead, CEO, a veteran of several successful global technology ventures. For more information, visit www.fuel-3D.com

About SBRI Healthcare
The Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare) is an NHS England initiative, championed by the newly formed Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), who aim to promote UK economic growth whilst addressing unmet health needs and enhancing the take up of known best practice.

Part of Innovation Health and Wealth the SBRI Healthcare programme sets industry the challenge in a series of health related competitions which result in fully funded development contracts between the awarded company and the NHS. Unlike many R&D projects which offer grant or match funding, SBRI contracts are 100 per cent funded and the company retains the IP. www.sbrihealthcare.co.uk

(c) Picture & Link: Fuel 3D Technologies

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