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DWF has been featured as one of the most innovative law firms in Europe. In the UK, DWF is the market leader when it comes to using technology and managing tasks innovatively to increase efficiency for the maximum benefit of the clients. DWF employs 2,360 people across 16 locations in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and Dubai. DWF is a full-service law firm with strong industry expertise in several selected sectors, including Information Technology and Telecommunication, Automotive, Aviation, Energy and Industry, Retail, Food and Hospitality and Transport.

Klaus Brisch, LL.M. and Marco Müller-ter Jung, LL.M., both certified specialist lawyers for information technology law in Germany, are highly focussed on all legal aspects of 3D Printing/ Additive Manufacturing. They are also focussed on the legal issues and requirements related to future technologies like Industrial-Internet, Connected Devices and Cars, Big Data, Wearables to name but a few. Their consulting practice lies on complex IT projects, the entire field of Copyright and IP law, IT-security, internet law and electronic commerce as well as on hardware and software contracts.