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Be different. Think further. Coobx, which is based in Balzers, Liechtenstein, is in the field of Additive Manufacturing solutions for light initiated materials. LIFT®-Technology With our patent pending LIFT®-Technology (Light Initiated Fabrication Technology) we are setting an industry standard. Absolutly new dimensions in the range of materials, speed and accuracy are now possible. As a strong partner for turnkey solutions we do provide and implement all the needed steps into your manufacturing process. So additive produced parts are getting reality and are no more only in the stage of prototyping. Modular, qualified workflow With our exigo® series machines we can provide from the standalone single machine to the fully automated production line all the range, to make your workflow as smooth and scalable as possible. The fabrication begins not in the machine and doesn't end in the machine, so we have developed all necessery addons to realize qualified production processes. Strong core team Over 20 years expirence in designing and producing machines, components and automation systems for the semiconducter and machine tools industry, helped us to invent and develop our disruptive LIFT®-Technology.

Coobx präsentiert Additive Produktionslinien LIFTcell

Die LIFTcell Produktionslinien industrialisieren den Produktionsprozess des Additive Manufacturing. Echte Additive Produktion wird Realität. Balzers, Liechtenstein (11. April 2017) – Coobx, der in Liechtenstein ansässige...

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