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MakerBot kauft Layer By Layer

Der 3D-Drucker-Hersteller MakerBot hat angekündigt, dass es das Startup “Layer By Layer” übernommen hat. Das Unternehmen soll MakerBot dabei helfen benutzerfreundliche Plattformen und Systeme zu entwickeln, welche die 3D-Druck-Technologie von MakerBot einfacher nutzbar machen soll.

Das 3D-Druck-Technologie-Unternehmen “Layer By Layer” wurde vor zwei Jahren von Jonathan Schwartz, Max Friefeld, Graham Tremper, Dustin Kane, Becca Schwartz und Oliver Ortlieb gegründet. Das Startup hat die Plattformen “Teleport It 3D” sowie layerbylayer.com gestartet. Auf diesen Webseiten konnte man 3D-Modelle online teilen sowie kaufen und verkaufen.

Die Meldung des Layer By Layer Teams:

Since we started Layer By Layer almost two years ago, it has been our goal to push 3D printing forward by building a complete and seamless user experience – from finding something you want to print, to actually printing it. We have always strived to make 3D printing a more accessible technology by reducing the barrier to entry with innovations in design and computer science. So, as you probably can tell, we’re incredibly excited to now be working at MakerBot, where we’ll continue to innovate and explore within 3D printing. We are extremely proud to become part of a company that shares our vision and enthusiasm when it comes to making 3D printing a technology that anyone can use and benefit from.

Although the time has come to close down Layer By Layer, we can assure you there are many more great things in store for 3D printing. Your feedback, support, and enthusiasm alone have made this journey worth the effort, and so we would like to thank you for everything. (Thank you!) We believe Layer By Layer was a big step for 3D printing, and we hope our continued efforts at MakerBot will help to produce platforms and technologies of equal or greater significance.

Get on with your life and 3D print something!
-Team Layer By Layer

(C) Pictures: Layer By Layer & MakerBot

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